Slither Publisher January 30, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to move, click the left mouse to speed up.


paceman-io is pretty much inspired by the classic strategy game called Pacman. Now, you will have a chance to compete against so many opponents worldwide in the same arena. The main task here is to roam through a big maze trying to absorb as many glowing points as possible for bettering your movement speed. If you want to absorb other players, you have to go hit them from behind, or else you will bounce. There are numerous power-ups dispersed around on the floor. You should absorb them for an additional boost that helps you move faster than ever. Make sure that you always watch out for your surroundings, defend yourself from hitting any round saws, or else you will be destroyed. Don’t forget to gather a lot of points so you can rule the leaderboard. Are you ready? Give it a try now! Hope you have a good gaming experience!

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