Slither Publisher March 16, 2019
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How to play: Strike WASD or Arrows to move, R to repair tower/walls, U to upgrade them, Left mouse to choose and place down turrets or visit the shop.

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StrategyTeamTower Defense

About TDFork


TDFork is a cool team-based strategy game where you have to fight against waves of enemies in order to protect your Gem in the bottom of the map. There will be 15 rounds and you need to build walls to block their progress or set up powerful turrets to kill them. Try to place those structures wisely! Besides, remember to repair them. But, fixing will cost energy. In TDFork, you are allowed to do that for somebody else’s buildings and their gemstone because it is an occasion to create alliances and earn higher ranks. Moreover, you are able to upgrade towers you are next to. Each time you complete boosting them, the original value of your unit will be reduced a lot. When playing TDFork, you should note that it is impossible to make your construction advanced manually. Fortunately, they can level up once you are successful in hitting or killing your rivals. For your precious stone, you can enhance its health by approaching it. Do not skip the shop to buy awesome stuff!

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