Slither Publisher January 23, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to destroy the platform. Press left/right arrow keys to call for the reindeer.


Jump into an exciting strategy ragdoll-puzzle game online called! The in-game Santa is in need of your help. He wants to get down from the pile of presents onto the floor but there are many platforms standing in his way. Now, you must give him a hand to break all the platforms so he can get to his wishful destination. You can summon the reindeer from the left or from the right. These creatures are provided with different behaviors, so you need to utilize the one that suits your situation, or simply click to dismiss them. You should take your time carrying out this mission and keep in mind what platforms you broke and the outcome. Make use of the reindeer when you are in trouble! The game features more than 30 levels of the campaign with multiple challenges to conquer. Can you beat all of them and become the winner? Let’s join the game right now!

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