Slither Publisher August 14, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD keys to roam, run into other people to attack, C to choose commands, B to buy items, Y to remove buildings, O to enter gates, R to select unit production

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About allyourbasearebelongtous


allyourbasearebelongtous is one of the featured .iO games. The victory will depend on the strategy that you deploy during the match inspired by the Age of Empires. At the first time, you will be sent to a team randomly. You can find the difference between two factions with the color. There are multiple tips to allow you to become the winner. However, you are recommended to defend your territory and eliminate the base of the other side. If you are successful, your points will be increased considerably.

It is feasible to start allyourbasearebelongtous unblocked by placing barracks! They should be set somewhere the foes cannot reach easily. They will be the main building. Once they are devastated, you will lose and your troopers will be turned into the AI. Always protect your achievements! You’d better put up walls and towers to block them. It is possible to design the system as your preference for free, from castles to fortresses! Are you ready to play with online rivals and conquer the top spot? Good luck!

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