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Slither Publisher March 14, 2019
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How to play: Use the left mouse button to move around the map and control followers.

About Popular Wars.io

Popular Wars.io

Popular Wars.io is a fun-addicting Free For All game, including lots of power-ups scattered across the new world, along with tons of upgrades waiting for you to unlock. Try to collect as many followers as possible to create the biggest team and take over the top spot! In Popular Wars.io, you are recommended to act up fast and wisely. You are able to search for cliques that you want and devour every community to grow larger. Actually, you will have the chance to swallow your rivals and their fans after you begin to join Popular Wars.io when your condition is strong enough. Once you progress and own a powerful clan, your position on the leaderboard will be improved and you can become the best leader. However, you must defend everything that you have achieved from stealth attacks of antagonists nearby. You are forced to survive and advance until you win. Always keep an eye on everyone around you and outsmart them! Good luck!

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