Slither Publisher August 28, 2019
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move, shoot at the zombies using the left mouse or key Ctrl, use key Shift to run, and key E to enter the crafting menu.

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About ZombieCraft.io


ZombieCraft.io unblocked is a multiplayer game which can be regarded as the WebGL version of Zomblock Survival. You can easily play ZombieCraft.io free online game in your browser now for testing your surviving ability and battling against hordes of zombies. At the start, you will have to roam the map carefully picking up as many resources as possible. With these resources, you must make use of them to craft modern items for your survival. When the zombies come, don’t panic! Stay calm and kill them one by one! You can use a pistol to deal damage to them or use some advanced weapons if you already craft. More zombies will come to you when you progress further into the battle, so make sure you save some bullets for them. To find more resources and a vehicle, like a truck to better your movement speed, go to a nearby village. The objective in Zombie Craft Survival 3D is to become the ultimate winner!

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