Slither Publisher August 16, 2017
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How to play: Use keys WAD/ZQD or arrow keys to control your stickman. Retrieve your HP with key S or down arrow key. Utilize your weapon with the left mouse button. Release a satchel charge or explode it by using the right mouse button.

About Battlestick


Take a chance to experience something intense, crazy, fast-paced and amazing in a great IO game called Battlestick! The game will let you battle against lots of opponents that are very cunning and skilled. You must prepare your abilities as well as strategies to deal with them. There are plenty of different weapons that you can select and utilize for the fight. So, make sure you pick your favorite ones that will suit your play style. Always focus on your battle, aim and shoot down the enemies before they wipe you out. Sometimes, your HP will run out, but you can totally regain it easily. Also, you can throw a satchel charge to destroy the rivals faster. Make sure you will play with good tactics all the time, kill every single enemy that stops you from reaching the top rank on the leaderboard. Stay alive longer and gain the dominance! Good luck!

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