Slither Publisher August 12, 2017
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How to play: Use the keys WASD to control your tank around. Aim and shoot at your opponents by using the mouse.

About is a nice browser-based Tank IO game that is free for all. Jump into it now then see what you can do to touch the victory. You’re going to play against lots of opponents worldwide. Try to make your way through a large map with your tank in order to harvest a bunch of valuable gold ores as well as increase your points. The game will give you a lot of upgrades such as weapon damage, reload speed, etc., whenever you level up. You will have to spend a point on one upgrade, so make sure you gain a bunch of them. Also, there will be other abilities that help you defeat or deal with enemies more easily, like invisibility. This will allow you to sneak up on the rivals then attack them effortlessly. Just like other IO games, your goal is to get to the top spot on the leaderboard for the dominance.

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