Slither Publisher August 21, 2017
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How to play: Use keys WASD for the movement. Click left mouse button to fire enemies, use the right mouse button to fly. Tap spacebar for jumping, and use key Q to change guns.

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2D ShooterIo Games

About RangerSteve.io


RangerSteve.io is a funny yet fierce 2D Shooter IO game online that you should join and give a test to your skills. You will meet lots of skilled enemies from around the world in this browser-based game. Once spawning, you will start flying around the map in order to shoot down all rivals that are targeting at you. Your gunslinger is armed with many powerful guns, so you must use them all wisely to wipe out the rivals more efficiently. You can change between them, and choose one that suits your play style if you want. Always continue moving as much as you can, stay higher than the rivals, which will help you kill them easily. It will be very hard for you to hit when you fly, but you can aim for the headshots while you are walking around. Be careful of your enemies as they will attack you from various directions. Try to survive longer, climb the leaderboard and dominate!

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