Slither Publisher February 15, 2019
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How to play: Move around the arena using WASD. Click the left mouse to fire, use the spacebar to jump.

About Shootingheads


Crush down all enemies and fight your way to the top in a fun 2D Shooter game called Shootingheads! This Multiplayer shooting game features awesome 2D graphics. You can pick your preferred characters then enter the fight where you have to finish off all opponents. When you spawn in the arena, you should jump around and make a lot of movements to stop the enemies from hitting you, at the same time, you have to dish out a huge amount of damage to them. Make use of your picked weapons for the kills, pay attention to your surroundings as well as defend yourself from the risks around you. No need to worry about the amount of ammo because it is unlimited, so feel free to shoot down everything in sight and earn a lot of elimination. Similar to other IO games, the main goal of this title is to dominate the leaderboard. Get ready for this challenge now! Hope you have a lot of fun!

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