Slither Publisher June 15, 2018
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How to play: Direct your tank using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse to fire or purchase an upgrade.

About Tanked.io


Are you good at controlling a tank to go fight against enemies? Let’s present your skills in a nice tank 2D shooter game called Tanked.io! In the game, you direct your tank around the map trying to shoot down all opponents who are getting in your way. During the fight, you shouldn’t forget to pick up many objects dispersed on the ground. The more objects you collect, the better score you will earn. Then, you can spend your points on upgrading your tank, like armor, and weaponry. Stay watchful for the surroundings all the time. Somebody many sneak up on you, and if so, you won’t be able to win. Never stop gathering objects so as to increase your score until you make it to the top spot on the leaderboard where you can become the ace in the whole arena. Let’s give this Tank game a shot! Have fun and good luck!

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