Drunken Boxing

Slither Publisher August 16, 2021
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How to play: Player 1: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to play the game. Player 2: Use the W/A/S/D buttons to fight

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About Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

Meet two familiar drunk guys in an uncompromising boxing competition. Will you choose the blue guy or the orange guy to compete in the exciting Drunken Boxing game?

In the game, the player’s only task is to defeat the opponent with fatal punches to important positions in the body. The mechanics of Drunken Boxing unblocked have also changed slightly when both characters are in a drunken state. Therefore, striking before the opponent will help you gain a lot of advantages in the match.

Pay attention to the energy bar, once the energy bar is depleted, your character will be stunned and unable to fight. Thereby, the boxer needs a short period of time to recover and of course, your opponent will too. Calculating the strength of the boxer is one of the important factors to help you win. Play the game Drunken Boxing online with your friends or against the machine, it’s up to you to decide.

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