Slither Publisher August 15, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your character around. Click left mouse button to lay mines to blow up the enemies.


You will get tons of fun walking around space as a cunning pacman-like blob in a super addictive browser-based Multiplayer game called! Give this IO game a try now! There are plenty of food orbs, mines and enemies you will come across in the game. You must eat up the food orbs as much as you can to develop your size. Just like, you have to elude the larger opponents while hunting for your food, or else they will swallow you, which will cause your game to come to a conclusion instantly. In addition to this, another dangerous thing you must be aware of is the mines. You need to dodge them if you want to survive longer. But you have an ability to lay mines to blow up your opponents. Using it will decrease your size to an extent, so, make sure you gain a bunch of mass and utilize it in a proper way! Good luck!

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