Slither Publisher August 12, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your character around, click left mouse or key Q to hook the rivals. Detach the hook by clicking again. Use the right mouse or key W to make a shield of blades which will cut people. Press key E to utilize specific skill. Press keys 1234 to choose your class.

About Hookem.io


Hookem.io is a Power-ups and Upgrades IO game online that is all about hooking the enemies to get rid of them. This is going to be an intense and fierce battle between you and other opponents. You will take control of your character around the arena in order to hook the rivals faster, then, you need to steal their energy. Do not let them hook you, or else your game will come to an end! There are four colored classes with different abilities in the game. The red one will give you more reach, and you can use a fireball to kill your rivals. The green class will let you slice a lot of opponents at the same time. The blue class allows you to get low reach, move at a faster speed and make a speed boost. The special ability of the purple class is teleportation. You’re able to detach any enemy hooks, and the others won’t hook you easily due to your small size. Try to use these classes carefully then you can reach the top and rule the arena!

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