Slither Publisher August 26, 2017
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How to play: Move your character around using arrow keys or WASD. Try to pick the coins and power-ups for pushing others.

About is a really difficult free for all IO game that places you in an arena encircled by the deadly lava. When you spawn in the playfield, you must start controlling your character quickly to pick up a bunch of coins as well as power-ups that are scattering around in order to increase your strength. Your main task is to push your opponents out of the map and make them fall into the lava before they kick you out. Always keep moving your character in a strategic way so that you can elude the lava. Calculate the direction you are heading towards, don’t get yourself stuck for having no idea about where to go. Your game will be over soon because of that! Use your power-up to slay your enemies more easily and efficiently. The game is very challenging, only the strongest and the most skilled players can last long as well as survive! Could you be one of them? Let’s start it now!

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