Slither Publisher August 21, 2017
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How to play: Move your character with the mouse. Press key Q to sprint faster, fart with key W and use key F to shoot fart.

About must be the most hilarious free for all Strategy IO games! You could have never imagined that one day you would be a tiny butt trying to shoot fart to kill your opponents. That’s what you will become and carry out in this great Multiplayer game. Move around the large arena with your character, eat up as many beans as possible, get rid of all other butts by farting towards them. When they die, you need to take their dead beans in order to increase your size faster. However, you need to stay watchful for the surroundings as other enemies can steal your mass, cause you to be sick, fart you and wipe you out, which will make your game come to an end soon. Attempt to increase your score, gradually climb the leaderboard then you can dominate the entire playfield. Are you ready to become the best butt? Give it a shot now!

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