Slither Publisher August 21, 2017
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How to play: Choose your army and units by using the mouse. Press spacebar to choose all units, scroll your camera with arrow keys or WASD.

About Oib.io


You will get a bunch of entertaining hours once playing fantastic Strategy IO game called Oib.io! There are plenty of opponents that will battle against you in this awesome browser-based game. You will start to build up a strong army for your Queen, and make sure all of your soldiers will protect her all the time. Attempt to regroup them together, divide your army into many smaller parts, then, control them carefully so that they can get rid of the opponent armies faster. You can expect that the rivals will launch their attacks to you. When they do that, you must use your strategies to counter their assaults and ensure that they won’t be able to kill your Queen. Always keep your units safe, feed them more, as well as improve their abilities. Do not let any opponents get close to your Queen! If she dies, your game will be over! Let’s begin this battle now and see if you can win!

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