Slither Publisher August 24, 2017
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How to play: The mouse is used for moving your character. Click left mouse button to make a speed boost.


Have all your skills and tactics ready to become the best Rusher of all in a fun-addicting Agario Style IO game called! In the game, you will direct your soldier around the map to pick up a bunch of food hexagons that are spreading over the playfield. The more you eat, the larger and stronger your spear will become. You have to run faster towards the enemies that are wandering around, then, quickly stab them with your spear. Always protect yourself from the deadly spears of others while you’re doing your mission. If you don’t watch out, you may get stabbed and die in no time, which brings your journey to an end. You can totally make a speed boost to escape away from the rivals or go chase down your targets. However, just keep in mind that speeding up will cost you some mass. Hence, you have to increase the mass all the time. The main goal is to climb the top of the leaderboard. Good luck!

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