Slither Publisher March 1, 2019
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How to play: Choose WASD keys to walk, LMB/RMB to fire, numbers to switch weapons.


battleroyale-io is a new 2D top-down Free For All survival game, with various amazing weapons. Pick out the starting position and drop from your parachute. Your mission in the next match is to survive as long as possible. Once you can keep yourself safe until every challenge stops and nobody can stay alive, you will become the top player.

Come to you will have the chance to explore and experience another cool title based on the famous Battle Royale genre. Not only that, you have to fight multiple foes from around the world while you and everybody are being pushed closer together with a shrinking zone. Although you are allowed to land onto any location you love, you should not approach dark and mysterious areas in or you can be killed. Besides, do not forget to gather good equipment and supplies before you face antagonists. when you eliminate someone, you will be upgraded. Furthermore, you are also advised to team up with a few allies. Have fun!

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