Slither Publisher July 13, 2018
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How to play: The mouse is used for moving your character. Click left mouse or press spacebar for smashing. Use the right mouse or key W for sprinting.


You become a very hostile smasher in an epic Strategy free-for-all game called There are plenty of enemies that need to be destroyed. So, you need to make your way through a huge map to hunt for all rivals, then, quickly smash them to pieces using your given mallet. When you roam around the map, you will see lots of colored gems dispersed on the ground. Feel free to pick them up to increase your size of the mallet, which enables you to dish out further damage. You should avoid contact with the enemies that are stronger than you, or else you will die, causing the game to be over. You must stay watchful for the surroundings, especially the large smasher that is known as AI character. It will knock you out easily if you are close to it. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and try your hardest to dominate the entire leaderboard.

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