Slither Publisher August 26, 2017
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move your snake around the map. Tap spacebar to dash and speed up, which will cost some food and length.

About is a great Slither Style IO game where you play as a little snake moving around the vast playfield in order to collect a bunch of food orbs for growing your body. The game is very similar to, however, it has different graphics and features. You need to defend your snake all the time while hunting for your foods. The enemy snakes will move around nearby you, and they may use their tactics to wipe you out easily, especially when you least expect it. But you can totally kill them by utilizing your own smart strategies. You can make a speed boost to get closer to them, place many impediments around them in order to make them hit you. They will die in no time if a crash happens! Attempt to trap your enemies with nice schemes, survive as long as possible so you can rule the arena and become the best snake of all! Have fun!

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