Slither Publisher July 25, 2017
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How to play: Use arrow keys or keys WASD to move your character around. Click left mouse button to shoot at enemies.

About Spektle.io


Spektle.io is an addictive free for all IO game with Agario Style. You will be taken to a vast arena filled with colored orbs and opponents. Start controlling your ball around the map to collect as many orbs as possible so you can increase your score on the leaderboard as well as enhance your abilities, like health, speed and strength. When you run into other enemies, you must quickly aim and shoot them down before they take you out, or else you will die, causing the game to be over instantly. If you kill one enemy, you will gain 100 points for that! Like mentioned above, you need to upgrade your skills to become stronger. To do so, you have to fill up your energy bar, which equals to 100 points of energy. Keep developing your score to climb the top of the leaderboard and attempt to survive longer! Are you up for this? Let’s enjoy the game now!

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