Slither Publisher August 17, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to move around the map, Left mouse or Space to speed up, Right mouse or Ctrl to boost and bite

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Free For AllOcean


Play unblocked a new io game set in style and placed in a fish world! Start off with the smallest and weakest creature you should not forget to eat as much as possible. The food that you consume will allow you to grow bigger and climb up to a higher position on the ranking. More important, you will have more chances to take over the ocean sooner. However, you must defend yourself all the time. is an online multiplayer that everybody worldwide can engage. So, it is easy to encounter tons of online rivals in the same area. You’d better stay away from those who are stronger than you. Otherwise, they can boost up and bite you in an instant. Just gather available resources and hunt smaller targets. In case you have been attacked, you can regain your stamina by stopping and restore your HP by biting something. Good luck!

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