Slither Publisher August 24, 2017
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How to play: Use the right mouse button for the movement. Press keys QWER or 1234 to utilize your abilities. Click left mouse button to assault.

About Legions.io


Legions.io is a team-based IO game consisting of lots of challenges and many fierce battles for you to undergo. You will set your footsteps in a medieval world as a knight, a mage or an archer. A long challenging adventure is awaiting you ahead, so have your skills ready for it now! You must blast and fight your way through a bunch of dangers. Each of class is equipped with unique abilities which can be used to defeat the rivals. You must be careful of the surroundings whenever you make a move because the enemies can attack you from any directions anytime. Also, you should prepare your tactics in advance. This will help you deal with your opponents more easily, and plus, your character will be well protected. Around the playfield are many valuable gems that can be collected. You should pick them up to gain more XP. The more XP you earn, the faster you can level up. Play it now and attempt to become the best fighter of all!

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