Slither Publisher January 7, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD to move around the arena. Click the left mouse for picking a target, use the spacebar to attack. Press key Ctrl to prone and key C to crouch.


Give a try to – a common web-browser multiplayer game revolving around stealth and killing. The game pits you against other online players and bots. Your main mission is to murder both of them! You need to make careful movements when exploring the map in an attempt to kill other players. You should aim at killing players to earn more points than killing bots. They all have the same appearance but the most different thing is that the bots are unable to kill. If someone is trying to stab you with their sword, make sure to finish them off as fast as possible. The best strategy for you is to blend with other bots for a better chance at killing! Also, you should utilize your stamina wisely because it will run out every time you perform an action. You won’t be able to move fast if your stamina is draining. Try to play with good tactics to become the best killer in the game!

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