Slither Publisher October 31, 2017
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How to play: Charge your power with the left mouse, use the right mouse for max power. Zoom with the mouse wheel scroll. Press key Q to use ghost, key E to use multiplayer. Speed up and slow down with key W and S. Swerve left and right with key A and D.


The IO games list has just featured a brand new Power-ups game called It’s a free online browser-based game that allows people from around the world to join and play together. It’s all about potting the balls to gain more scores. The game features a lot of abilities for you to use, such as ghost, swerve, multiplier and boost. You can use them to become invisible, stay alive longer, speed up your character and more. If you pot a standard point, you earn 25 points, and if you pot players, you will get 100 points, also, a half of their point will belong to you. Be sure to improve your stats in every level. Also, your ability will be upgraded every 2 levels, and you can totally unlock another skill once reaching level 20. This Pool game is extremely fantastic, surely you will get addicted to it! Join the game and show your skills!


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