Let’s research on some information about the famous Slither.io game which is known as PvP snake game on the Internet, and check out some of the reasons that made it more addictive!

Slither Publisher
August 1, 2016
Slither.Io PvP Snake Action

Slither.io game has been come out for a while and at the moment, it’s still attracting more and more attention of gamers all over the world. Being known as a famous multiplayer online game, all players will bump into a bunch of challenges and compete against real players. Similar to Agar.io, which is known as another popular “io” game where you will control a cell, in Slither.io, you will also direct your own character, namely a snake, and then your adventure will start from there. Frankly speaking, Slither.io, along with Agar.io has caused a big gaming phenomenon in some of the game communities. There are plenty of themed games coming out with a popular “io” domain, giving more and more challenges to the players. If you are a big fan of these two games, especially Slither.io and Agar.io, let’s find out more details about them!

The “.io” extension of the game

There were so many players who complete didn’t understand why these games came out using the .io domain. It has been known to be the games made only for British Indian Ocean Territory websites. However, they still used it and added to those games, causing more curiosity to the players. But after all, those games have created such big and addictive phenomena all over the world.

Some reasons that made Slither.io better than Agar.io

Which game are you in favor of? Between Slither.io and Agar.io, which one is bigger? There are so many reasons to take in! However, according to some of the players of both games, they seemingly prefer Slither.io to Agar.io for some of the reasons. The first reason could be the satisfaction they get when seeing a snake that just got killed turn into a tasty pool of dead fragments, meaning they can control their tiny snakes and go grab those pellets as much as possible to increase their length. The second one could be its graphics! Although you will experience a bunch of graphical lags anyway, the game is still very great to play, and the lag problem won’t be a big deal anymore because it will be resolved sooner.  The third reason can be playing field! In Slither.io, a tiny snake is completely able to kill a giant one if it has nice tactics. The smaller ones can stand in a big one directly; they can even make a speed boost and bait the enemies easily.

Playing Slither.io game on mobile devices

It goes without saying that most of the players will find it extremely hard to play the game on their mobile devices. The biggest problem that they always face is how to control the snake over the screen while their finger is there? There are plenty of players who can’t see the snakes clearly because of their big finger. You may feel very hindered, and the space for your playfield looks narrower, meaning you’re always in danger because of unclear sight! For that reason, there are many players who wish that the game could reside in the territory of virtual reality, their eyes are able to take control of their VR snakes.

Other “io” games

Besides Agar.io, Slither.io, there are still other plenty of “.io” games that have just been come out, such as Diep.io, Wings.io, Supersnake.io, Limax.io, Vanar.io, Vertix.io and so forth. Those games are known PvP games, and they keep drawing much attention of players.


Taking everything into account, Slither.io game is still doing very great on its own way, and soon the game will become the biggest and the most popular multiplayer “io” game, meaning it’s more likely to surpass the renown of Agar.io. The game will be added more features soon, giving players more challenges and experiences in future.

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