game is still in a beta version, but it will add and release new features, such as tanks, zombies, purchasable items as well as a Wiki page in the forthcoming time.

Slither Publisher
October 20, 2017 game has just been released recently and it’s drawing the attention of many players from around the world more and more. This is kind of a great sign for this “newcomer” IO game, and hopefully, it will become a successful browser-based Multiplayer game just like the predecessors. may cause some players to remember, however, it clearly has its own charms, with unique different game style, graphics, and features. You may get addicted to it once playing because of various awesome confrontations with the online connected opponents, the fantastic experience of using different guns, as well as exploring all levels. The game also features a lot of tank stats for the players to upgrade and power up themselves. In addition, besides real opponents, you will bump into many triangles and a star-like monster which are called “Zombies”. These enemy elements surely make the game more interesting and challenging to play.

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More features are going to be added to in the short time. At the moment, the game is just a beta version, and the development team is still working on it to upgrade and improve the features. Let’s just keep calm and wait for the new ones coming up, including:

  • Tanks
  • Zombies
  • Features that can be bought from the in-game shop, like Bombs, Gun Laser and Shield. (link to wiki)
  • Wiki Page.

Note: The Wiki page will introduce Tank, Zombies, Tiers, Classes, and Guides.

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