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How to Hit the Leaderboards has been a famous and addictive multiplayer snake game online so far. The game is known as a wonderful combination between some of famous similar games, such as, and the classic snake game in the past. It has just been launched for several months, but the game is extremely doing great. More and more players are attracted by it, and they come to join the game every day. In the game, the only basic goal that most players fight for is called leaderboard which is a board that will show excellent top players. All players want to increase their position and appear on that board to prove their strength. However, that dream seems so far and extremely hard to fulfill. game is such a competitive game, therefore, if you want to beat all other opponents, you must prepare a lot of skills, tactics, and excellent strategies. Let’s research on the strategy below and learn some tips for yourself before joining the game.

How to Hit the Leaderboards

Tips to increase your rank in Leaderboard


Basic strategy: First of all, you must take control of your snake skillfully and let it absorb all the dots scattering around to develop your length. Don’t let your snake hit any snakes, or crash into the wall, otherwise, your game will come to an end. You can cross over your tail, and that will be completely safe.

Name your snake

Before joining the game, you should give your snake a name. You must know that the leaderboard is so crowded with a lot of various named snakes, and if you can get on the leaderboard, you will see your snake on it.

Become a bottom feeder

You will start it off being a tiny snake. You should move around the area trying to swallow all the colorful pellets and then make your way through all of them, eat as much as you can. If you are in a location that has a lot of food, you must try to absorb them to make your length reach more than 1000 mass within just one or two minutes. But if there is no much food around you, just roam around to somewhere else for a bit, then swallow them.

Be a scavenger

Let’s think about how to get a larger meal! Eating small dots will not help you in developing your length fast. You need to go to the center of the map, trying to search for a snake that is larger than you. Come closer to them, but be careful! Then try to chew on any dots you can without taking any risk. Try to protect your snake at all costs when you hunt for food, especially those larger meals. Once you swallow on a big meal, you will become longer extremely fast.

When a snake gets destroyed, it will leave a bunch of dead fragments behind and these fragments will turn into a big pool of tasty food. Once catching sight of these dead pieces, other snakes will come up with the same idea, they will try to run to those foods and then start their scavenging. If you are smart enough and have more skills, you can run to that as well without risking your life. if those opponent snakes are not careful, they can kill each other, causing chain reactions and in a bit, and that location is filled with tasty dead fragments. If you are a real essay writer intelligent snake, you should make a speed boost across the pathway of food, getting into it in half. This will create a barrier that is able to destroy other snakes trying to come closer directly. Cross backward and forward along that trail until you don’t have any space left. Swirl up and swallow! You will be secure!

How to Hit the Leaderboards

Slither Fight Tips: Defense

If you bump into a snake that is trying to block you, you will be able to protect yourself. All you must remember that don’t let the face of your snake crash into any snakes or touches any snakes. Just place your body between the face and your enemy, you will be safe. Those hostile enemies sometimes are so impatient, if you know how to protect yourself for a few seconds, they will quit and go hunt for another target. There are two protective strategies that you can follow.

Swirl up: if you are surrounded by the bigger snakes, and you are not large enough, you can curl up into one circle to protect your snake. You can rotate away from the opponents and then coil back to your tail. When you are done making a narrow space, you should get inside and stay there. No one can traverse your tail, and you will be secure provided that you hold that circle. However, this strategy can become dangerous a bit because the larger snakes can snatch up a chance to surround you. And if you get encircled, well, you will be destroyed soon.

Loop back: If you are away from your enemy and go back over your path, you have just made a wall that separates you and them. This could be because you can traverse your tail, and you can avoid the snakes very easily provided that you are going along your tail. This can be a fast way for you to obtain the safety, but if you don’t have a long tail, it won’t work well.

Be aware of the lag in the game. Lag can happen if you have a poor internet connection and your game can’t be run well.

How to Hit the Leaderboards

Be an opportunistic hunter

When you become a large snake, your turning radius begins to broaden, and it’s tougher to make opponent surprised and block them. You will begin catching the attention of the tiny snakes that want to get a big meal after you die. Your priority goal is to be safe. You should continue swirling, and you can only make an escape if you have a wide path. The broad head of your snake will become such an advantage here. It will help you swallow a bunch of food at the same time. Therefore, your objective is to keep eating as you try to protect yourself and set up a trap for other enemy snakes that are smaller than you. You can go search for bigger locations of food then you can surround them gently. If there is a tiny snake getting into your trap, it will be great if not, then it’s still okay. You should try to absorb all the things inside before going to another place skillfully.

Slither Combat: Attack

If you go hunt for other snakes, it will be so thrilling! However, it’s still very risky. If you want to increase your rank and enter the leaderboard, you should play slow and be gentle while moving. Nevertheless, if you swallow the dead fragments of a killed snake, you will increase your length faster. Check out some of the offensive tactics and their disadvantages now!

Get them trapped

If you catch sight of a group of tiny snakes, just bait them! You can create long loops to trap them. Your objective is to get a tiny snake into your clutches. You should wait for a perfect chance to surround the smaller enemy. If that snake is too huge, you shouldn’t take any risk. You keep making as if you are eating while you are continuously running away fast from creating a full closed coil. Just use this to your advantage in a location that has various food to lure other smaller snakes.

Cut them off

If you go along with another snake in a parallel way, it can be very perilous. To keep your snake safe, you need to make a loop back. But if you want to go for it, like you want to take luck, just do that! You should make a speed boost and turn towards your enemy. Just don’t give them any chance to turn themselves completely

You can be in the top 20 snakes at this moment, and it means that you are so close to getting onto the leaderboard. It’s nearly unable for a bigger snake to chase and destroy another enemy, the threat from tiny snakes is very big. If you want to get onto the leaderboard, you need to play the game more carefully than your enemies. The opponents on the leaderboard are taking with the similar thing.
The game has been added another capability to pay for getting rid of ads and released a new control scheme. The players will have a chance to select the controls. They can tap for controlling, or use a virtual joystick. This control scheme is kind of big enhancement. It will permit an accurate control, and you will find it very comfortable to use. It also stops you from clogging up the screen with your finger

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