Explore Slither.io Mods and take a chance to find out more features that have just been added to the game. Using these features will give you a lot of advantages!

Slither Publisher
August 2, 2016
Slither.io Online at Slither-io.com

Get ready to engage in Slither.io which is a popular PvP snake game online! The game has just added new features and further updates to bring you a better gaming experience!!

Version 2.0.3 updated:

+ Skin: Reddit (new)

+ Insert Flag Logo Webstore

+ New custom Skins

+ Fix bug Party code

In-game features:

  • Zoom in and out
  • Create/Join Party (play with friends)
  • Press B to open help menu.
  • Chat online
  • Make your own Skins
  • Custom your Skins
  • Bots – Auto play
  • Show your current location
  • Keep track of the FPS with FPS counter
  • Follow the IP of friend’s server with your present one
  • Join your friend’s IP
  • Select the normal background to fix the low-end system
  • Reduce the flow to help the low systems
  • Graphic mode for your selection
  • Play the game with your buddies (connect to the servers straightly)
  • All nicks and settings are saved
  • Sever selection
  • Snake Skin Rotator for turning off/on rotator
  • Background changer
  • Respawn
  • Return to the main menu when die
  • Mod option
  • Live update
  • Turn on/off the HUD
  • Reset Zoom
  • Speed burst with key Shift
  • Brand new UI

Slither.io game will bring you a lot of wonderful features. This is a famous snake game giving you a chance to practice your surviving skill. You will start it off being a small snake then move it around the map to absorb the colorful pellets as much as possible. This is the only way that helps you become bigger and longer. Slither.io has a unique gameplay and a remarkable rule. Provided that you have nice strategies and excellent skills, you will be able to kill a larger snake even if you are smaller. Snakes can kill each other regardless of how big and small they are. If you accidently let your snake run into the bodies of other snakes, you will die! Your goal is to become the largest snake on the server! So play it wisely!

Slither.io Mods will allow players to experience awesome features that they won’t receive from the original game. With Slither.io mods, all players can find out more tricks, tips, use more skins, and other hacks to their advantage. They can even save their nicks and select their favorite server!

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