Slither Publisher
May 13, 2016

Slitherio Snakes is a multiplayer game centering on snakes and how you survive in such a brutal world filled with skilled players from all over the world. Once joining, you will become a tiny snake trying to grow up and protect your life from being killed by the opponents.

Snake is the protagonist in! When you spawn into the game, your snake will have to move around the game arena in order to eat up all the glowing pellets and try to increase the size and length. Sometimes, you have to make a speed boost for your own sake and also, it can be can a good way to escape away from the opponents. But you should remember that whenever you speed up, your length will be decreased. Also, you have to keep in mind the rule of when playing. If you accidentally crash into other snakes, or just simply hit their tails, you will get exploded.

Therefore, try to defend your own snake and eat as much as you can. If you equip yourself with various strategies, you can try luring the enemy snakes, make them run into you; then they will get blown up as well. Once they die, you can go swallow all their dead fragments to increase your length faster

Snake Skins

There are several wonderful skins that you can change and select for your snake. The players only have access the 9 skins at first randomly. If they want to get more skins, they have to unlock them by hitting the share button on either Facebook or Twitter. After sharing, more skins are unlocked, giving you more choices! So just feel free to share the game and get more skins!

In-game features and controls

More features are waiting for you in mod! Let’s go check them out now!

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension of mod is so interesting to explore! Let’s check out about this one before joining the game now.

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