The ultimate guide to will provide the useful tutorials. Just follow them and you can win this amazing game easily. Have much fun!

Slither Publisher
April 13, 2016

Join in game

The simplest steps to start game:

  • Access your browser, enter and you can move to the game.
  • Choose the nickname you want. Click Play and enjoy! Guides Guides

Change your snake’s skin

There are a lot of different skins for the snake including purple, blue, cyan, lime, yellow, orange, pink, red, magenta, American flag, and other countries.
To get these skins, you should:

  • Click on one of the buttons that says Share on Twitter or Share on Facebook. They are at the bottom right corner. After you choose, the skin will be shown.
  • And you can pick up the skin you like most from the Change Skin button at the bottom left corner. Everything is very easy for you to change.

The basic rules to play

  • From the starting, your length is 10. You can see it in the bottom left corner. Besides, you have a counter of the current rank. A mini-map is shown as a circle with gray pixels. So, you can use it to know the limitation or the dangerous edge. If you pass the thick red line, you will lose. Play you will control the mouse to wander. All snakes will move at the same speed.
  • Growing longer will make you ber, too. In this game, there are many glowing circles with different colors. You will have to absorb these circles to become longer. There is also a special type. If you swallow the moving and glowing ones, you can increase up to 60-100.
  • Boosting is the important element. When you click and hold the left mouse, your snake will glow and run faster than the other players. This action is very useful for killing strategies. While you boost, you will lose around 10 length per second.


In, the main source to obtain the mass is killing the other players or other snakes. Therefore, you need to hit the body of the prey. After that, he will die and turn into another energy kind. They explode into many glowing circles at the position they are killed. And you can approach and eat these. Everything will happen very quickly. Try to avoid the enemy if you in this situation! Of course, you can’t bite yourself if you do the same like that. Aside from that, we will give you the advanced killing techniques. Read the following information:

  • First, the Boa Constrictor is used to trap smaller snakes by making draw a circle around them. And you can tighten this circle until you reach the target. It is the great strategy for big ones to beat the little guys.
  • Next, the Cutoff is the simple move to destroy the huge snakes by cutting off their path. If they are going straight, you can boost and appear in front of their head, and you can stop them from moving forward. This can kill them that having a slow reaction. Or you can create a U shape to prevent them from turning. Be careful! You can die if this doesn’t happen in your prediction.

Strategy to survive and grow into the giant

You will face a lot of dangers when you are still small and weak. You can re-spawn and come back anytime. You can eat the dead body you see on the ground. Also, cut off the huge snake. If you gather enough food and nutrient, you will be the giant. At that time, you can select the battles. Don’t boost down the whole body of them because you can be beaten by smaller snakes which are searching and scavenging. Wait until the bigger snake ends his life!

If you are surrounded by many opponents, you can defend by circling or creating number 8. Be alert! The others will try to apply Boa Constrictor strategy on you.

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