Slither Publisher May 27, 2021
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How to play: Hold down the mouse/space button to perform the rope operation

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About Hanger


Hanger unblocked, this game will turn the player into a real spiderman and perform top-notch acrobatics. Are you inspired by what this game has to offer?

Hanger is an adventure game where players will have to perform swings in the air to pass the built-in levels. Your task is to balance the character while avoiding the available obstacles and achieving the highest score after each level. Besides, the walls available in this game will also put your character in danger, stay away from them.

Play Hanger HTML5 online game, players will try to move as far as possible and collect randomly appearing gold coins. If you accidentally collide with an obstacle, your character will lose a body part. When you lose all the parts, you will also admit defeat and start playing again from the beginning. Therefore, you need to observe carefully and align the length of the rope appropriately, not too long or too short. Are you ready to conquer the challenges available in Hanger Game 1?

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