Slither Publisher March 26, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse cursor to move your character. Boost with the left mouse button, use key 1 for the rock stance, key 2 for the paper stance and key 3 for the scissors stance.  

About 123shoot.io


Have you ever tried playing a shooter game with rock, paper and scissors concept? Let’s join 123shoot.io now to experience that kind of battle now. As you know rock, paper, scissors is a popular classic game that was already played a lot in real life. You will now follow its familiar rules to conquer your opponents. Rock will defeat scissors, scissors defeat paper and paper kill rock. In this 2D Shooter IO game, you start to control a rocket around the arena carefully using rock stance, paper stance or scissors stance to defeat your opponents. You can only aim at weaker enemies to attack them while trying to protect yourself from stronger ones. Quickly change your current stance to a suit one when you bump into an enemy that is able to be defeated. This will be a great strategy you should use if you want to win. Wish you luck!

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