Slither Publisher April 26, 2018
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How to play: Use keys WASD to direct your battle boat. Press spacebar or click the button in the bottom right corner to use a special weapon.

About is team-based 2D Shooter game packed with action. You will engage in either team red or team blue and choose your favorite game mode, which is HQ Destruction or Team Deathmatch, then quickly launch the combat. In HQ Destruction, your mission is to demolish the rival HQ by transferring the big sea mine to the enemy base. Get rid of all rival ships with your cannons, torpedoes and don’t forget to gather various chests floating on the surface. But if you join the team deathmatch, your main task is to demolish all rival ships within a specific timeframe. Always work with your teammates to defeat the tougher ones. The in-game crates are so various, including mine crates, repair crates, XP crates and ammunition crates. They will surely power-up yourself, giving you a higher chance of winning. Show off all your abilities so as to conquer this battle! Are you ready for it? Start the challenges now!

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