Bellum: Legacy

Slither Publisher April 7, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to click and interact with your units in the game.

About Bellum: Legacy

Bellum: Legacy

As a remade version of, Bellum: Legacy brings you further awesome features and more challenges to go through. In this idle Strategy game online, you must fight against other enemies for a chance of directing the entire map. But this is not an easy goal at all! You are supposed to work with some friends in order to defeat tougher enemies. When you first spawn, you must focus on earning a lot of Military Power (MP) because this is the main source of the game. Or you can purchase some units that help you create MP. If you want to buy more units, you should try your hardest to take over star bases. They give you an additional five slots of each unit kind. Having a high amount of HP is a key element that leads you to the final glory. You must do whatever it takes to top the leaderboard!

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