Bellum: Stellae

Slither Publisher December 7, 2018
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How to play: Press number keys 1-4 to use the unit cards. Press keys QER to utilize the spell cards. Use the mouse or arrow keys to navigate.

About Bellum: Stellae

Bellum: Stellae

Bellum: Stellae is an online tower defense strategy multiplayer game in which you have to utilize your excellent strategies to defeat your opponents. Aside from using the strategies, the game also forces to learn how to utilize special unit and spell cards. This is going to be a wonderful mixture for online players to conquer. You make your way through the huge cosmos in an attempt to capture the enemy space, even though this mission is not easy at all. Use all tactics you have during the course of the fight so as to outwit the opponents and give them no chances to attack you. Keep your own territory upgraded as you progress, expand it to a large size and do whatever it takes to keep it safe from the outside strikes. You are fighting for the honor of your space empire! Give it a shot now! Have fun and good luck to you!

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