Slither Publisher January 6, 2018
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How to play: Use the arrow keys or WASD to direct your character, and drop bombs by using spacebar.

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About is a fantastic Bomberman game online with three awesome classes for you to pick, such as footballer, radio amateur, and athlete. If you choose to become a footballer, you won’t have many bombs to kill the rivals, but you are faster than them, and you will be the toughest one to destroy. For a radio amateur, you are able to drop lots of bombs to ambush the enemies, also, you are armed with the most destructive weapon. For an athlete, you can totally jump higher over the walls, and when you drop the bombs, they are kind of strong to get to the rivals that are standing further. Don’t forget to gather more power-ups, then use them to move through walls, create more injuries, or get rid of the rivals just by touching them. Your goal is to become the best Bomberman of all! Will you achieve that goal? Give it a try now!


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