Slither Publisher January 16, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using keys WASD or arrow keys. Punch your enemies by clicking the mouse.


Everybody will become a cunning fighter in game, and their main goal is to become the most powerful brute of all. Try this awesome fighting IO game right now to show off your skills, then see if you can achieve your goal or not. At first, you are just a small brute trying to increase your size by gathering the points from the defeated enemies or punching the helpless birds to pick up the orbs. The small size won’t give you any advantages, so you must enlarge yourself more and more. You will grow up whenever you level up too. To kill the rivals, you can to quickly punch them or charge up punch. Quick punch will let you counter the attacks from the rivals instantly, while charge up punch helps you deal more damage to them. Don’t forget to collect power-ups and bonuses so you can prolong your life. Be careful with the bomb bonus because sometimes it destroys you, but it will help you beat others too. Good luck!

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