Slither Publisher January 9, 2018
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How to play: Control your ball with the mouse, and click left mouse to dash.

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Io Games

About Bumpballs.io


In Bumpballs.io, you will have to take control of your ball carefully and try to bump the enemies as much as possible so you can kick them out of the arena to win. This IO game is so fun to play, and its challenge sounds so interesting too. You can think that the gameplay is kind of easy to understand, however, it requires your dashing ability. Try to direct the ball wisely, gather the coins that are scattered over the map, and focus on killing the rivals. The more enemies you destroy, the higher level you can reach. After leveling up, the size of your ball will be grown too. At a larger size, your ball will have a stronger dash, which gives you an edge over the enemies. Don’t let others assault you! To cover yourself, you can use the blocks. Also, you mustn’t let your ball fall out of the map while dashing, or else it will be a game over for you. Good luck!


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