Slither Publisher January 4, 2019
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How to play: Use key W to speed up, key S to reverse, keys A/D for steering and spacebar to make a speed boost.

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About BumpyBall.io


Bumpy Ball is a wonderful team-based soccer game that is free to access in a browser. Get your skills and strategies ready for awesome online matches between you and other skilled opponents from across the world. In the game, you need to work with a team, support your teammates and always stick with each other for getting as many goals on the rival team as possible for a chance at glory. You must go find the ball, take it and quickly move it down the field to shoot it into the goal of the opponent team while attempting to defend your team’s goal. You should make a speed boost right before hitting the ball because this will bring you some awesome extra “kick”, giving you a better chance to score. Watch out for your surroundings! Use your strategies to outplay the rival team, defeat all enemies and lead your team to the ultimate glory!

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