Slither Publisher January 7, 2020
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How to play: Use the mouse button to move and draw

About Draw.io


Play Draw.io online and explore a new iO game about racing your way! Take part in a delightful challenge with multiple enemies and occupy as many areas as possible! The main objective is to own the largest territory ever.

Draw.io is free for all ages to join. It is a big arena full of power-ups. Hop into the current match and get ready to repaint the map! Actually, you will have to move around the playfield while drawing lines. Hold the brush and capture the target zone carefully! If you paint more than other players, you will become the best painter quickly. Not only that, you are required to defend your land as in Territor.io. Otherwise, you will lose. Additionally, prevent every competitor in Draw.io unblocked from killing you. Aside from claiming, you must be the last standing man. It’s time to start your mission! Enter the battle and do not skip special effects from objects you gather on the path!

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