Slither Publisher April 7, 2018
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How to play: Click left mouse button to speed up. Use the right mouse to place a bomb.

About Drillem.io


A brutal intense drill fight is about to happen in a nice browser-based game called Drillem.io! You will battle against numerous opponents in the same arena. When you first spawn, you start with a drill and try to move it to dig through the ground, which allows you to generate a system of tunnels. There are so many colored orbs around you, so make sure that you gather them as much as possible to power up yourself. You will bump into a lot of rivals that get in your way. Don’t be scared since you will be able to destroy them by placing a lot of bombs in your tunnels. These bombs will blow up after a specific period of time. Lure and force the rivals to crash into the bombs but you have to protect yourself from being trapped as it’s easy for you to get blown up by your bomb. Stay away from the drills with bombs of others! Survive longer to rule the whole arena!

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