Slither Publisher April 13, 2020
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How to play: Use the left mouse button to attack enemies and the right mouse button to speed up.  

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About Evonite.fun


Show off your evolution in Evonite.fun game and see how you can defeat all enemies! There are already lots of io games about evolution and battle royale concept, and Evonite.fun unblocked is no exception and it brings even better features to explore. In this title, you will do a lot of things for your evolution. The first thing to do is to cut down trees with palms, bushes, and cacti. You don’t spawn in the arena with a big size, so when you do those things, your size will be increased. As you grow in size, you are allowed to kill enemies that are smaller than you. But still, you must avoid the bigger ones. They will chase you and use their weapons to slay you, then take your experience. Hence, you’d better watch out for those dangerous enemies when venturing out into the arena. Focus on killing the smaller ones first to get some experience for the upgrades. There are 12 levels in Evonite.fun free game with different character classes, such as killer, ninja, warrior, and legend. You should earn enough XPs to advance your levels. When you get to level 12, you will become the most powerful and the biggest player in the arena. This io title brings you a fun gameplay mechanic to master. So, feel free to come play it and have fun with it!

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