Slither Publisher November 10, 2018
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How to play: Use WASD for the movement. Click left mouse to interact with objects. Use the right mouse to empty the water bucket. Press key X to delete an object and use key B to open the shop.

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About Farmerz


Farmerz is a strategy game giving you a chance to become a farmer. You dream to construct a large farming empire on a tiny piece of land. The first thing you must do is to grow some first crops then collect them and put them on sale to get some money. If you want to earn a high amount of money from the selling, you must water the crops well enough, neuter them and always keep them healthy. Once having money, it will be easy to invest in more land. Also, you can buy some advanced equipment to develop your empire. You can utilize some great strategies in terms of farming to make your farm more and more prosperous. The only objective you must achieve is to become a farming expert! Does it sound awesome? Prepare yourself for this wonderful challenge now! Hope you have a blast with it! Wish you luck!

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