Slither Publisher May 2, 2018
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How to play: Just click left mouse button to direct your flappy bird.

About Flaap.io


Flaap.io is pretty much inspired by Flappy Bird game. You can play this browser-based game online with lots of real opponents all over the world and challenge them to a race to see who will reach the top first. You spawn in a map as a flappy bird that has to fly between rows of green pipes without crashing into them. For every pipe you pass, you will earn a point. Keep doing so until you reach the top rank on the leaderboard, which turns you into the best bird of all. There is an awesome feature that you experience in Flaap.io. Once you earn over 10 points, you will be able to transform into a new stronger bird. There are 15 levels of transforming here. Try to explore them all! Remember that your game can be over if you hit one of the green pipes on your way. Good luck!

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