Slither Publisher July 21, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to choose tools to draw stuff. Type the words into the chatbox with your keyboard, then press key Enter to submit the words.


Play a wonderful free-for-all IO game called with lots of new players and show off your skills! The game is all about drawing and guessing, which is kind of similar to In the game, you will have to use your turn to draw stuff in order to give hints to your friends so that they can try to guess the word. Keep in mind that the more hints you send, the fewer points you will earn! So you have to perform your excellent drawing skills and make sure that all players will have the correct answers. When somebody is drawing, you must quickly stay focused and try to find the accurate word as fast as possible. The faster you submit your word, the more points you will have. Don’t waste too much time, keep trying to guess the words and draw stuff. Your main goal is to become the ultimate winner of the game!

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