Slither Publisher April 26, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your character. Click left mouse button to fire, press left shift for bursting, and upgrade your character using the number keys.

About is a nice 2D Shooter game in which you have to annihilate all other enemies and monsters to become the strongest one in the whole arena. You are armed with a deadly beam, so you need to fire it wisely to attack the rivals. For every single kill you earn, you will get an experience point. The more XP you gain, the higher level you can reach, also, you will be able to improve your stronger to become much stronger. You are supposed to use your mana carefully, and let it help you get away from tougher enemies. There are plenty of weapons featured in this IO game, such as circle, spread, frenzy, and homing. They have their own strategy to use, also, you need to use them in a right situation. Focus on killing the small ghosts while keeping yourself away from the larger ones. Enjoy the battle now! Good luck!

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