Slither Publisher October 30, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your character. Press spacebar or use the left mouse to slash. Click right mouse or use key W for dashing.


The concept of a new classic Strategy game called is kind of unique and amazing. Join this free-for-all game now to begin new challenges. This IO game lets you employ your powerful sword to go destroy all opponents around. Along your way, you need to pick up the colored blobs in order to increase the size of your sword. Having a longer and stronger sword will help you defeat the enemies more easily. You can go chase the players that have higher scores, then use your tactics to kill them all. When you get trapped by someone, just don’t get panicked, you can escape away from it by using your dashing ability. Everybody’s goal is to become the best blade master! That’s your objective in this game too. Be sure to play the game with nice strategies, kill anything standing in your pathway, track your score and be the number!

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