Slither Publisher April 20, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to click and drag the letters into the matching boxes.

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About Jumbled.io


Keep calm and solve all puzzles in a nice browser-based Puzzle game called Jumbled.io! You are taken to a messy playfield full of letters. Your job is to complete the given word by finding the matching letters then dragging them into the matching boxes that are displayed at the bottom of the board. This sounds so simple, however, it’s not easy because you are racing against your enemies to see who will complete the word first. Therefore, you need to have your eagle eyes ready and perform your quick reflexes to get an edge over the enemies. Don’t forget to use the lock icon to keep your gathered letters safe because they may get destroyed by other players. Try to earn a lot of points so you will become the ultimate winner at the end of the game. Let’s get ready, present your abilities and conquer all challenges now! Have fun!

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